Monday, December 31, 2012

Why do you blog?

If you're familiar with the Man Repeller ( you might have read one of her most recent blog posts about The 12 best and worst of 2012. The award for the most over-saturated occupation went to blogging. Her reason: "Blogging. Indeed, everyone and their mother started a blog in 2012, bastardizing whatever dreams we may have had of plausibly and proudly dubbing ourselves bloggers. I do believe in matters of the fabricated occupation, “bloggers” are the new “stylists.”". I definitely agree with the fact that there are soo many pretty much pointless blogs out there at the moment, usually run by people claiming to be "bloggers" as such, and this one is no different. I obviously stray far from calling myself a blogger as I consider this to be a purely recreational, fun way of writing which I do for myself really. 

In a world where every other person you meet is a so-called blogger what do you call the people that have made blogging their profession and can live off the money they make from it? Geniuses? Trust-fund kids? Lucky assholes? In any case the bloggers making money will continue to be envied. Everyone else should probably not rely on their blogging career to take off any time soon and make them millions over night and should probably go out into the real world and maybe get a real job. Even after Ms MR crushed my dream of ever becoming a real blogger (sarcasm (the brackets were necessary as I have come to the realisation that people don't get me.)), I will continue to write this blog as I am and probably always will be on the search for some form of self-satisfaction and the feeling that I'm doing something even slightly lucrative with my free time. 

As for you lovely bloggers, here's a question: Why do you blog? What is it that made you want to start a blog? Feel free to leave your urls down below, I'd love to feel like I'm not the only one reading my blog posts. :)

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