Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Fear of Change

Being wary of change is a topic quite frequently addressed when you think about it, yet I hadn't really come in to contact with it until recently, when I made quite a minor change to my appearance. No, I did not get my breasts enlarged, or my nose straightened. I'm actually quite content with both my chest and my nose. But anyway, having had long hair for the longest time, I decided I was ready for a change. I decided that i wanted to cut my hair really short, not buzz cut short (something people have been a little too fond of lately), but about up to my shoulders short. Having had hair which went well past my shoulders, possibly to my mid-back, this was quite a change for me. And, finally deciding to make that hair appointment was such a tedious process which when you think about it, should really not have been that big a deal, I mean come on, It's hair... But this process of major decision making is what stresses this problem we face as people. It seems like most people are allergic to any changes in their lives, be it changes in their professional life, changes in their living environment, changes in their appearance or even changes in politics; revolutions and reforms. Most people react negatively to any kind of alterations. 

So, why are we really afraid? Some might say it is the fear of the unknown, doing or experiencing something we're not used to; in other words, stepping out of our comfort zones and diving into the unknown. Another reason why we might fear change is low self confidence or insecurities. When you are contemplating making a life change you will usually begin to doubt whether you are up for the challenge. Things can also seem a lot bigger and harder than they really are. You are unsure of what will result of the change you are going through and this scares you. 

And that's completely okay, because so many people actually experience the same exact fear, every single day. What a lot of us forget, is that we don't have to settle for whatever happens. Things can change back to their original state, if this is truly necessary, or things might change for the better. And when we allow ourselves to gain the confidence and the trust to let certain things in our life change, whether we let them change or we make the changes all depends, but if we can allow ourselves to take that leap, that slightly larger step, we are enriching our existence as people in every possible way. Change allows you to explore every aspect of yourself, it allows you to test yourself in different situations and most importantly it encourages you to learn new things about the world and about life; even if these lessons come from failed attempts. You have absolutely nothing to lose in any situation.

In case you were wondering about my hair, I've been having the best time with it. We're like the best of pals right now and I would so recommend something like this if you're up for a little bit of a change in your life. A haircut like this not only does wonders for your hair (it's sooo healthy) but it also does wonders for your confidence and your general wellbeing. There is nothing that can make you feel better than knowing you look good. So do yourself a favor, take that leap of faith, embrace change and trust me, you'll thank me later. 

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