Friday, December 28, 2012

Shopping "Abroad"

If you live in Switzerland, you might know that thousands of swiss people drive across the swiss border to Germany to shop. They do this mainly because a lot of things like clothes, shoes and especially groceries are significantly cheaper there. My dad, always looking for a good deal was of course completely blown away by the fact that, just an hour away from our apartment is a mall selling items for a fraction of the price they would normally be in Switzerland. So I am currently in the car, on the way back home, feet aching and a few hundred euros poorer. This is something that I would probably just do once a year If I lived here permanently. We decided to cross the border at Kreuzlingen and go shopping in Konstanz at the Lago shopping centre. It's not the best shopping I've ever done and it was extremely busy the day we went, but there were a couple good stores and I did get a few things like my new leeathhaa paannttss (for those unfamiliar with hood lingo, this refers to a type of outer garment worn on the legs made of leather or in this case faux leather cause frankly, who even buys real leather pants...). They're red and they're great and I'm gonna get some funny looks wearing 'em but I love them very much. 

The mall: I guess it's worth a visit if you live close to the border so check that oouuutt.

In other news, Christmas is over, we're all a couple pounds heavier (obviously excluding the Heidi Klums of this world that have a kid every year and look better than most of us normal people ever will) and a great deal merrier. While I miss the holiday season already, I'm holding on to the last couple days of the year hoping to make the best of them before life throws us back into the reality of things. 

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