Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas- The Aftermath

The day is now coming to an end and I have fallen into a literal food comma. While my stomach is bursting at the seams and i'm completely exhausted, it was all worth it. This christmas, like pretty much every christmas was incredible. It was everything christmas is meant to be, joyous and delicious. My mom and I spent the day preparing the food, tidying the apartment and screaming at my father to get out of the way and make himself of use. It's days like these that are important in our lives. I'm also quite content with what santa brought me this year.  Hope everyone had a fantastic christmas and I cannot wait for the new year to roll around. 2013 looks very promising!

I decided to put on all of my christmas gifts at once, cause, why not?? This includes my new phone and sparkly case, (never thought I would have a sparkly case but it's soo puurrtyyy!), my new xmas pjs underneath and I also sprayed on some of my new bottle of Lola by Marc Jacobs. Most amazing smell ever. I'm wearing a wine colored sweater and a wine colored snood I got from my mom from asos, a leather skater skirt and a new pair of black leather ankle boots with a strap buckle kinda thing which are from H&M I believe. Yaaayy presents!

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