Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thank God I'm not Jewish

If the title has offended you, I'm sorry. Jews are great people and you guys have Hanukkah, so who even neeeds Christmas... But seriously I guess this is just my way of expressing my joy for being Christian just once every year, nearing Christmas time. I very well could have said Thank God i'm not Buddhist or Thank Allah i'm not Muslim. Any other time of the year, I honestly could not care less about anything regarding any religion. There's just something about Christmas; something that makes it pretty much my favorite time of the year. So, what better way to start a new blog than a cheesy-ass Christmas post.
Christmas is and always has been a pretty big deal in my family. Having a Swiss mother definitely makes our Christmas a little more special since it is kind of a blend between true European traditions and mostly European cooking and baking, and of course the Cypriot, east Mediterranean traditions which have of course been heavily anglicised but some old traditions do remain. For me Christmas is definitely a family occasion, a gathering of sorts, a presentation of good, good food and of course, presents. Presents are freakin cool. This year I'll be spending Christmas with my family in Switzerland which is quite rare since we usually stay in Cyprus till after the 25th. I'll be posting some of the baking my mom and I have already done and definitely some other Christmas themed posts. This is me pretending I have an audience that actually cares. Meh, I've always liked talking to myself.

Nothing says it's Christmas like a little gingerbread man on a mini tree.
Traditional Swiss christmas  cookies.
My not-so-swiss but amazingly delicious mince pies.

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