Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm In Switzerland!

Despite the world coming to an end, my family and I decided that we would still be going on our annual trip back 'home', well, our second home. Having survived the apocalypse we set off early on Saturday morning and now I'm hheeree! And there's nothing better than leaving a gloomy, rainy Cyprus to come to an equally rainy but a little bit colder and brighter Switzerland. A change of scenery is vital from time to time. Our second christmas tree is up (see picture of my beautiful creation), most gifts have arrived but are impatiently waiting to be picked up at the post office and tomorrow the remaining gifts and supplies will be bought.

My new do and updated wardrobe in toll, I can't wait to get out, try new things out and just enjoy the next two weeks as thoroughly as possible, before i'm thrown back into reality, with upcoming IGCSEs and finals. I also can't wait to go out on the ski slopes, something I unfortunately only get to do once a year, and maybe shop a little? Shop a lot? Who knows..only time can tell. What's everyone else doing this holiday season? Do share.

Unfortunately an instagram pic, too lazy to go take another one :)
Pretty Luzern at night 

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